1. I registered but did not receive the confirmation email – what should I do?

Please check your SPAM folder or any other predefined folders e.g. promotions for Gmail etc. If you still do not find it, please contact our technical support team at tlx@medicaltv.it

2. How can I ask for technical support?

On the login page click the “Need Help” button. On the platform you find the support button in the Entry Hall and in the main navigation menu.

3. I forgot my password how can I retrieve it?

On the day of the event, you will be able to click the “Forgot password” button below the login box. You will receive an email to create a new password. In case you did not receive the email – please check 1. above.

4. Which browser should I use?

For the best experience we suggest using CHROME but any browser is working except Windows Explorer.

5. Can I use other devices e.g. mobile or tablets?

For the best experience we suggest using a laptop or desktop computer, but all other devices work as well.

6. When I enter my credentials the log in does not work – what shall I do?

You will be able to login one hour before the symposium starts. If you are facing any issues with log in please click on “Need help” button to get technical support.

7. Will I receive a certificate of participation?

Yes, you will be able to request your certificate of participation in the Auditorium by clicking the “Certificate of participation” button. This certificate does not provide CE points but certifies your attendance at the event.
You will be able to request the certificate only after attending a minimum of 30 minutes.

8. Do you provide any translations?

Yes, in the Auditorium you can switch directly in the player to French, German, Italian or Spanish.

9. If I missed the event, am I able to watch it on demand?

Yes, the whole content will be available 3 days after the event date and the recordings of the lectures can be watched in the Auditorium on this platform. The recordings will be also available in French, German, Italian or Spanish. You can also visit the Exhibition to read and download the assets available or register to the upcoming Straumann Live Webinars in the “Upcoming events” room.